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Hellofriend is a decentralized sharing economy platform for real life activities such as hosting rooftop parties, getting tours of cities from locals, meeting new people over coffee and much more....Hellofriend’s goal is to tackle social isolation by creating the next generation of social networking and focusing on connecting people in real life while protecting their data privacy.


Dataspine enables machine learning engineers, data scientists and dev/ops teams to accelerate the end-to-end lifecycle for AI/ML -- through powerful, composable and self-serve tools -- without the in-house engineering and infrastructure overhead.

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EyeFly USA is a group of IT professionals with various backgrounds of expertise in the Oil and Gas Energy services industry.


Strayos is a powerful data analytics software designed to maximize operational excellence. Founded in 2016 to service the quarry and blasting space, we have since expanded to provide integrated solutions for the civil engineering and mining industries. Strayos utilizes aerial intelligence to uncover actionable insights for businesses of all sizes.

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MicroEra Power is venture-backed and is developing the world’s most efficient on-site Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power systems (100 – 400 kW range) to provide businesses with ultra-reliable Back-Up Power and cost-effective On-Site Power Generation. Our system can replace an existing boiler with a hybrid power system, operating on inexpensive Natural Gas or Propane, to provide a Value-Creating Energy Management Tool with a FAST PAYBACK.


RoadBotics monitors and manages our world’s roadways by identifying and rating a wide array of important roadway features and conditions, including cracks, potholes, signage and other characteristics. Our AI technology was developed at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute with the explicit goal of providing efficient and cost-effective roadway transparency to those responsible for roadway infrastructure. Our technology turns any smartphone and car, truck or bike into a sophisticated, mobile sensor.

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Auto i is a vehicle security system that sends footage to a mobile device upon impact or movement of the vehicle. It is a smart camera and app that connects people to their vehicles. Auto i’s dash cam, with live stream auto surveillance technology, continuously detects and records impact vibrations ranging from break-ins to bumps. The system also allows drivers to trigger an alarm during dangerous non-impact situations—like tailgating—from inside the car.


Story2 helps consumers how to construct essays step-by-step online and connects them to a network of trained professionals to assist them further. They have developed the first fully-online, interactive college admission essay writing platform. 

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Hiberband is the first Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN), offered by Hiber. Hiberband delivers global connectivity for sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) related devices at affordable cost, by launching its own satellite network. 


Eusoh is a new crowd-sharing software platform that provides an affordable and transparent way for consumers to share expenses using scalable technology and the power of community. It streamlines expense sharing by allowing consumers to select and join groups to crowd-share expenses. 

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Storj Labs is an open source decentralized cloud storage platform where anyone can sell their extra hard drive space for STORJ tokens. It leverages cryptocurrency, blockchains, and the power of the crowd to create the world's largest, cheapest, and safest cloud. By scavenging unused hard drives resources, Storj can provide unlimited cloud storage at a fraction of the cost of a traditional data-center.


Woveon is an enterprise conversation management software which enables companies to interact and engage with customers. The technology pulls in conversations from any number of customer touchpoints like social, sms and livechat, and integrates with existing customer data systems such as CRMs, sales, marketing and legacy systems. 



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